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Excerpts from Voices of the Heart

“My story, my faith journey, has woven my brightest as well as my darkest moments with an invisible cord of faith. My birth of “self” remains an ongoing evolution and blessings.”

“The experience of a greater power carried me when my world and the image of who I thought I was lay broken and dying before my eyes.  Beneath the softened voice of a dying image, the voice of my heart finally emerged, and the choice of a lifetime was made. ”

Voices of the Heart, a book by Linda Pestana “Don’t wait to live your life, live it now…”

“Don’t wait to live your life, live it now…” is a motto that Linda Pestana shares in her book, “Voices of the Heart”. Linda’s life experience has paved a path for her own healing and growth, leading to a story with universal appeal.

Working for many years with end of life issues, Linda has learned not to dance around life experiences… but rather offers answers to issues in the confrontation of truth. This book shows the reader a roadmap to do the healing and inner work within so as to open the door to a life of purpose, hope, and inner freedom.

This book will not only change the way you look at life, it will change the way you look at your own life, and challenge you to want more.

Great News!

Linda announces screenplay author.
Linda announces screenplay author.

The journey toward living my truth transformed my fear and denial into joy and self-acceptance. In sharing this intimate view of my journey, I hope to offer insight and inspiration to others seeking a guide on the often unclear and difficult path to living their own truth. If this message inspires you, I invite you to help spread it to others by sharing this YouTube link by email, on Facebook or Twitter.
Thank you so much. ♥ Linda Pestana

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