It's All About You and Me, Author Linda Pestana

By Linda Pestana

It’s All About You and Me

In August 2017, while at home, Linda Pestana fell from a kitchen stool, hitting her head, and suffered a severe spinal cord injury resulting in paraplegia from the neck down. Her family was told she would not survive the night. The next morning she told the doctors that they didn’t know her well enough, and then began her journey to walk again.

In this honest and raw book, Linda describes how she found the motivation to continue and to create a fulfilling life, in spite of, everything.  These are the methods she uses every day to build upon courage and perseverance that she wishes to inspire in others.

As she says herself, this is not a book about her own situation, it is written as a guide for everyone, no matter what they are facing, so that they can move into a place of courage and determination.   Each page will help serve as an inspiration, providing tools that everyone can use for growth and empowerment.

It is Linda’s purpose for us all to find ours, and this heart written book will lead you there.

Best Selling Author

Linda Pestana

Linda was born on October 29, 1948 in Dover, New Hampshire. She lives in Tiverton, Rhode Island with her husband, Louis.

She received her master’s degree in creation spirituality from Holy Names College in Oakland, California, and furthered her studies in clinical pastoral education at the Interfaith Healthcare Ministries in Providence, Rhode Island. She is a certified bereavement facilitator, and received certification for spiritual direction from the Mercy Center of Colorado.

She has spoken internationally and is best known for her appearance on Lisa Ling’s Our America on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

Linda is also the author of Voices of the Heart.

Author Linda Pestana

Embrace yourself as the
treasure you are in the world

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Praise for
Voices of the Heart

“Linda Pestana truly opens her heart in her aptly title memoir, “Voices of the Heart”. She writes engrossingly about a turbulent period in her life that propelled her to make a decision that changed the course of her life forever. All the while, her faith never waivered. In fact, it got fueled.”

Lisa Ling
CNN News Journalist

Connecting the Dots 2016 Honoree Linda Pestana

Connecting the Dots
2016 Honoree

Very special to be one of 2016 Honoree’s! Grateful!


The book, voices of the heart by Linda Pestana, was the most honest, authentic, moving, and amazing memoir I’ve read. It spoke to my heart and filled my spirit with hope and possibility. I highly recommend this book to all who wish to grow emotionally and spiritually.

– Kathy Roy, Fall River, MA


As you turn each page of “Voices of the Heart” you will be inspired as Linda faces each challenge with gratitude and respect. This book is a thoughtful and profound gift for anyone struggling with a life changing choice.

– Gilda A., Somerset, MA


I feel very grateful to have had the opportunity to read about your life and how your faith has carried you through it. I struggle with my faith and you offer so many examples of how, when we question our faith, it becomes stronger, not weaker.

– Judi M., Medford, MA

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