Hello friends.

As many of you know, yesterday, my wife–Linda, fell and suffered a very serious spinal injury. After a very long and complicated surgery, she is stable. She is in ICU and visitation is limited to immediate family only, as she needs her rest.

Today, they removed her breathing tube and she is breathing on her own, is talking, is smiling, and is very alert. The post operative tests show that her spinal cord is realigned, but there is extensive damage. We are cautiously optimistic about her recovery, but this will be a very long road to recovery for her.

I want to thank you all for reaching out with calls, texts, and messages. Please know that while I appreciate all of your support, I might not be able to respond to everyone.

It’s just such an overwhelming time right now and my intent is to totally focus on Linda and her recovery. I plan to post an update here everyday, if I can, and graciously ask for your continued prayers for Linda. Thank you again for your support. Love to you all….

Lou Pestana

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