Linda Pestana Spinal Chord Injury August 11 2017Hello Friends,

Today, Linda had a great day! She ate better, her pain was more manageable, and she had two 40 minute shoulder massages which totally helped to relieve the tension in her neck (and relaxed her so much, she fell asleep). She also had her hair gussied up!

In addition to all of that, she got a surprise visit from Jenny (my sister), who is the person who found Linda (and called 911 and stayed with her until help arrived) on the morning of her accident. Linda calls Jenny her “earth angel” and credits her with saving her life on that fateful day.

Seeing her today certainly raised Linda’s spirits and made her smile (as you can see from the picture)! Please continue to bless Linda with your prayers! She’s getting a little better everyday!

Love to you all,

Sally Araujo Costa

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