Hello Friends,

Today was a hard day for Linda. Her pain was difficult to manage and she had a really difficult time staying comfortable. Because of her high level of pain, she really wasn’t in the mood to eat much, even though many people tried to entice her with different foods.

Today, while at the hospital, someone thanked me for the daily updates on Linda. I shrugged my shoulders but what I should have said was I do it for the people who love Linda, of which there are so, so many. She’s helped so many people in so many ways and I want people to help her by praying and keeping her close to their hearts. She’s one of a kind, as you all know. We know that everyday can’t be a “great” day for Linda. But as someone who loves her, watching her suffer in pain, is disheartening.

Please continue to pray for our gal and ask God to grant her his mercy and freedom from her debilitating pain. We take comfort in believing that tomorrow will be a better day for her.

Love to you all,

Sally Araujo Costa

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