Hello Friends,

Today, a lump was discovered on the back of Linda’s head that is causing her a lot of discomfort. It’s right at the top of her incision, so it makes it difficult for her to lie down on her back. Tomorrow, she will have a cat scan to determine what needs to be done to remove it.

Aside from the pain associated with this, Linda had a decent day. Her appetite was great and she ate every meal and lots of snacks (Guess who loves M&M’s and potato chips?!).

She also had a wonderful visit by a group of her friends she calls “the gratitude girls”. They not only visited, but also prayed with Linda and for that, she was grateful. Paul Costa and I also visited for awhile. She was in great spirits and we talked about all of the memories we will make when she comes home.

Please continue to keep your prayers flowing! Linda truly appreciates each and everyone of them!

Love to you all,

Sally Araujo Costa

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