Linda Pestana Spinal Chord Injury August 7 2017Hello Everyone,

I’m happy to provide your daily “Linda Update”.

Today, Linda was talking up a storm. She’s very alert and definitely has her sense of humor! She was able to eat a little more today in the form of soft foods like mashed potatoes, squash, and fruit. As of now, she’s still having difficulty swallowing, but that will get better with time. The highlight of her day came when they removed her neck brace (Look at that smile!). It’s very uncomfortable and painful to wear. She’s allowed to have it off, as long as she’s not sitting up all the way.

Finally, when I was leaving today, she asked me, “Sally? Are you telling people that I’m getting better?” I assured her that I was posting every milestone, no matter how small, and I told her that so many people were praying for her! To that, she asked, “Tonight, when you post an update, can you do me a favor?” Of course, I said. I’ll do anything you want me to. “Ok! Please tell everyone that the doctor was amazed today…because I can feel my ASS.” Well, alrighty then!

There’s you have it, friends! She’s making progress everyday and she has feeling in her butt cheeks.

Whoo hoo! Please keep those prayers coming!

Love to you all,

Sally Araujo Costa

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