Hello Friends,

Today was a tough “pain” day for Linda. She had a hard time getting / staying comfortable throughout the day. The nurses were (are) amazing to her and tried everything they could to give her some relief (aside from the meds). She finally settled down and felt some relief when her angel of a nurse found her an amazing pillow that cradled her head and neck just right. Linda said it felt like “heaven”. A milestone worth celebrating was when Linda ate her first real solid food breakfast in almost a week. She ate an entire waffle today, and did so fairly easily. This afternoon she had a surprise visit from her close friend, Jim, who actually prayed with her. Afterwards, she was so happy and relaxed, for which we were grateful.

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers. Linda knows you are praying for her and she is so very grateful.

Love to you all,

Sally Araujo Costa

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