It’s All About You and Me

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Written by Linda Pestana
with Jayne Hannah

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Written by Linda Pestana
with Jayne Hannah

In August 2017, while at home, Linda Pestana fell from a kitchen stool and hitting her head, suffered a severe spinal cord injury resulting in paraplegia from the neck down. Her family was told she would not survive the night. The next morning she told the doctors that they didn’t know her well enough, and then began her journey to walk again.

In this honest and raw book, Linda describes how she found the motivation to continue and to create a fulfilling life, in spite of, everything.  These are the methods she uses every day to build upon courage and perseverance that she wishes to inspire in others.

As she says herself, this is not a book about her own situation, it is written as a guide for everyone, no matter what they are facing, so that they can move into a place of courage and determination.   Each page will help serve as an inspiration, providing tools that everyone can use for growth and empowerment.

It is Linda’s purpose for us all to find ours, and this heart written book will lead you there.


11 reviews for It’s All About You and Me

  1. Kathleen

    Linda & Lou:

    Your latest book is AMAZING…just like the two of you! Two hearts

    It was only about 24 hours ago that I / we left seeing you and purchasing “It’s All About You and Me”. After leaving, we went to visit with friends for a few hours (which was a treat because everyone is always so busy and they live 45 minutes away)…. before going to 7:00 mass and then returning home to watch God Friended Me.

    Just a couple of takeaways from my above comment and the day….

    1. Seeing BOTH of you was incredible! While we were originally acquainted at Rise Cafe (and even that was only for limited amounts of time), being in your presence brings such warmth & joy! It’s obvious from reading your book and speaking with guests yesterday, that it’s not just us that feels that way, but everyone you come in contact with!!!!

    2. I have always believed that “life can change in a moment”, but knowing someone who has and is living through that “moment’s change” makes a huge difference to me and it’s something that I will continue to share with others, as well as keep in mind in my daily life / actions.

    3. I consider myself an inspirational person (which is perhaps why I have always connected with the two of you, not just yesterday but every time I would see you around town); however, your recent book is a true testimonial to INSPIRATION & LOVE….coming from two people who are living examples (through & through!). Wow! I am sure that I don’t only speak for myself, but I could not put the book down until I finished it! I am eager to share it with my neighbor whose daughter (approx. 30 yrs old) has GBS (Guillain Barre Syndrome) and is now legally blind & in a wheelchair. I believe many of your experiences / feelings in the book will resonate with her & her daughter and will be an inspiration to them as well!

    Thank you for sharing & inspiring!!!!
    We will keep you & your wonderful family in our prayers,
    Love & hugs! Hugging face
    ~Kathleen (& Eddie too!)

    P.S. I mentioned the above about going to mass and watching God Friended Me because they are positive & inspirational, but my intention was to later share that nothing can be more inspirational than reading your “true to life” experience / book. God Bless!

  2. Collette Fortin (verified owner)

    WOW! I read the book. Brought tears to my eyes a couple of times. Very powerful. I’m sure it’ll open many eyes

  3. Jackie Thran

    Linda’s latest book, “All About You and Me”, is beautifully written, insightful and inspiring. It is a wonderful book about love and persistence, and finding joy in every day, despite the difficulties one may face.

    I have know Linda and Lou for ten years. I first met Linda after losing my husband unexpectedly at 50 years old. I went to Linda for grief counseling for two years, and have often told her that she saved me. When I didn’t really need grief counseling any longer, we continued to stay friends. I have been in Linda and Lou’s company numerous times as they embraced me as their friend. I have had the pleasure to witness their limitless love and devotion to each other, both before and after Linda’s accident. No matter how difficult times have been, they have not given up hope, and their faith has sustained them throughout all the trials they’ve faced. They are a true example of love, and I am blessed to call them my friends.

  4. Mabel Fleming

    Linda I met you for the first time and bought both books at the book signing .I could not put it down and never have I read a book in two days . Positive and inspirational.I saw the stature on the desk in front of you and it said Listen it brought back beautiful memories of my son.My son Bobby at 53 years old died, and he would say in a funny way ,mom listen ,mom.My dear friend bought me this heart pendant in memory of my son ,it reads Listen and I always listen to my heart. I said to you that day ,that I had a short story to tell you and you Linda listened to me .Linda you have so much faith and love in your heart and for your family .God Bless you and Louie and your beautiful family.

  5. Nancy Gagne Fall River, MA

    Praise God! I’ve just finished the new book! So wonderfully explained feelings through your journey Linda. But yes, it’s a journey that both are going through. The challenges are there, BUT GOD has brought you both this far. It was encouraging for my on life also. I have to say years ago I would smile but turn away from some with a handicap. Of course feeling that it might look like I was staring. Like everyone else, we are ALL different. So I stopped, looked in their eyes and just respect the being and not the handicap! I will always love you two. You both bring great joy to my life❤️

  6. Sue / North Andover, MA

    Hello Linda and Louie!

    How are you guys doing through all of this craziness!! Unreal isn’t it?!?!

    Well Linda I had to write to you today. I decided to read your book, “It’s All About You and Me” yesterday and finished it today. And the reason I read it was (1)- I have plenty of time!, and (2) I needed to hear your story because I was feeling very down about our stupid “new normal” with this virus. I had a feeling this book would give me a better perspective… and boy did you deliver!!! OMG – I LOVED IT!

    Reading your journey, all the obstacles, and trials and pain – made me realize how petty I was being. At some point this will end for us and I will get the life I loved so much back – my work, my friends and extend family, eating out, getting my hair done!! But for you, your life changed forever – and you endured!

    Here are a few parts I highlighted:
    “ACCEPTANCE- not meant to come easily, but when you find it, you become stronger and wiser.” So true!! I was so aggravated by this situation! I even experienced some of those stages of grief: shock, anger, despondency. I am not comfortable in those places – I am a happy, optimistic person, and I needed to find a way around this- your story helped!!

    Then on page 125 ” If you keep adding to your anger or bitterness as another layer to your challenges, you will continue to see them grow”. And “I realized if I stayed angry, I would miss, even more, the moments of the now.” Then the entire paragraph to follow about all your would miss- PURE GOLD!

    I was so sad to read about your first experience of having to be cleaned up and how poorly you were treated. I was so touched by the Thanksgiving Dinner Louie helped organize at the hospital! Love that Louie!! And I am so happy your found Project Walk to give you the strength and hope to continue to heal.

    So that’s what I wanted to let you know. Thank you for sharing your soul with me – you ARE doing God’s work- just like an Angel:)

    Love to you both,

  7. Anne Fall River, MA

    Linda, Louie & Jayne, It’s all about you & Me was amazing! I could not put the book down. Full of excitement, sadness, feelings & most of all love! Linda, we should get the “OUCH” tattoo on our arm with a❤️ !!!! Love you so much! God Bless & Love, Anne

  8. Dennis / Canton, MA

    Linda shares a perspective on life and love most of us will never see based on our own experiences. Her unique situation, including her background, has led to acutely insightful views, which she graciously unfolds for us throughout this book. One of the points she makes, which resonated with me, was “Our biggest achievement is to live the life we have with honesty and compassion for others.” I am grateful for this book and I will continue to focus on “living from my heart.”

  9. Georgina Lee

    So often a book is focused on the writer and only on their specific journey. In this book, I found myself able to apply Linda’s thoughts and motivation to my own situation. I felt empowered by the end. It was like sitting with her for an hour and discussing life. Thank you. I am so grateful I found your book and will use it as a valuable tool.

  10. Jeff/Tiverton RI

    Just finished reading Voices of the Heart, having read Linda’s It’s All About Me and You last October. Both books are so well written, and beyond inspirational as Linda shares her incredible life’s journey!! Having read Voices of the Heart during this horrible Pandemic made me realize through Linda’s story that the strength of the human spirit bolstered by faith, and an unbelievably positive attitude can get us through the most difficult of life’s challenges – definitely a must read for anyone looking for inspiration and strength especially now during these challenging times. Linda, her husband Lou, and their family reflect the best of what we can be as human beings!!!

  11. Patty (verified owner)

    An amazing book by an amazing woman. This is a book to be read and reread. It is full of life challenging questions which should not be ignored. She shows the heights of total love and devotion from her wonderful husband and leaves the reader impressed with both Linda and Louie.

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