Voices of the Heart author Linda Pestana


Voices of the Heart


What might life be like if you let go of your fears and followed the voice of your heart?

A Journey of Faith, Hope, and Love

Laugh and cry with Linda as she finds her way in life and seeks answers to her three profound questions: 

  • Who am I?

  • Where am I?

  • What do I want out of life?

It’s a personal portrayal, but the journey is universal.

“Don’t wait to live your life, live it now…” is a motto that I share in my book, “Voices of the Heart”.

My life experience has paved a path for my own healing and growth, leading to a story with universal appeal.

Working for many years with end of life issues, I have learned not to dance around life experiences… but rather to offer answers to issues in the confrontation of truth.

This book shows the reader a roadmap to do the healing and inner work within so as to open the door to a life of purpose, hope, and inner freedom.

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